Over the past twenty years, I have compiled a body of work that helps me effectively navigate our healthcare delivery system.  Today more than ever, in this era of healthcare reform and increasing regulatory pressures, it is important that we work effectively, in a collaborative effort, to deliver care that is safe and of the highest quality, yet cost effective.

My experience of working at the bedside as a registered nurse, delivering direct patient care, allows me to keep my work patient focused. In order to deliver a higher level of care and meet organizational goals, it is imperative that we bring everything that we do back to what is best for patients and their families.

Today’s safety and quality initiatives are transformative in physician practices and hospital systems, and I have been fortunate to work on implementations of these initiatives alongside some of our top thought leaders in community and teaching hospitals across the country.

A common thread throughout my career has been my interest in education.  I strive to continue to learn new disciplines within the realm of healthcare and see my ability to teach what I have learned as an extension of nursing and an art form.

I have worked for world renowned companies in pharmaceuticals and medical devices known for innovation and setting the pace in healthcare. From this experience, I understand the complexities of the sales process and how to overcome obstacles to create a winning situation for the organization and the patients and family that they seek to serve.

While keeping the focus on the patient is key, it is important to remember that healthcare is a business, and doing our best to foster that business is also what helps us deliver safe, quality, cost effective care.

The focus of my career has been to develop a body of work that allows me to work with interdisciplinary teams in healthcare that are known for making a difference. Across the spectrum from patient care to the business of healthcare, I understand what it takes.

My credentials include a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing from Eastern Kentucky University, a Masters in Medical Informatics from Northwestern University, and a Masters in Business Administration from Xavier University.

I look forward to talking with you further about how I can be of help to you in reaching your goals and bringing value to your organization.

Janet Siladi DNP, MS, MBA, RN Healthcare Consultant